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Improve Your Confidence!

Confidence refers to the belief in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgements. It is the feeling of self-assurance and trust in oneself to handle challenges, take risks, and pursue goals. Confidence is not a fixed trait but can be developed and strengthened over time.

When we lack confidence, it means we have a low belief in our own capabilities and may doubt ourselves frequently.

This can impact many areas of our lives including; stress, anxiety, difficulties with social and interpersonal relationships, self doubt, reduced motivation and negative self image.

Improve your Confidence Counselling Plymouth

How Plymouth Counselling Can Help Improve Confidence

However confident you are feeling in yourself right now, we want you to know that it can improve. 

Throughout the counselling process, individuals receive ongoing support, validation, and encouragement from their counsellor. This support reinforces positive changes, boosts self-belief, and fosters resilience in the face of setbacks.

We help individuals explore new experiences and challenges that gradually expand their comfort zones. By encouraging personal growth and embracing new opportunities, individuals can develop greater confidence in their abilities. Are you ready for this to be you?

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Providing The Relationship, Space & Security
To heal

For the past 4 years, Sarah had been working with people across Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and London to help release them from their anxieties, feelings of low self esteem, depression and life stresses. As individuals, we all have basic needs that need to be met to live a fulfilled life.

You have the resources to make change and live that life. I can help you find your resources and the strength to make the choices you want to be making.

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Sarah Avenell

Integrative Personal Counsellor

4+ years experience