What Is Grief?

Grief Counselling Plymouth

Grief is a rollercoaster of emotions that hits you when you’ve lost something or someone important to you. We usually think of grief in relation to losing a loved one, but it can also come from things like the end of a relationship, getting laid off from a job, or even when our dreams don’t pan out. 

Grief is a wild mix of feelings that can be all over the place. You might feel really sad, lonely, angry, guilty, confused, or even relieved. And it’s not just in your head – grief can affect your body too, giving you appetite changes, trouble sleeping, fatigue, or restlessness.

It doesn’t follow a neat little timeline, and it’s different for everyone. Some people experience intense grief right off the bat, while others have a longer and more complicated journey. It depends on factors like the nature of the loss, the kind of support you have around you, and your past experiences with loss.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s more about finding your way to adapt to the new reality without the person or thing you lost, even though it can hurt terribly.

grief counselling plymouth

How Plymouth Counselling Can Help With Grief

That’s where counseling comes in – you get compassionate and caring support to help you through it all.

A counsellor gives you a safe space to express yourself without any judgment. You can let out all those messy emotions, share memories, and talk about what’s going on in your head.

We’ll support you and help you find your own path through the ups and downs no matter how long it has been

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Grief Plymouth Counselling

Providing The Relationship, Space & Security
To heal

For the past 4 years, Sarah had been working with people across Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and London to help release them from their anxieties, feelings of low self esteem, depression and life stresses. As individuals, we all have basic needs that need to be met to live a fulfilled life.

You have the resources to make change and live that life. I can help you find your resources and the strength to make the choices you want to be making.

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Sarah Avenell

Integrative Personal Counsellor

4+ years experience