What Is Anger?

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Anger is an emotion as valid as any other. It can be incredibly motivating, encouraging us to take action against an injustice or it can be incredibly problematic causing reactions that lead to harm.

It is an emotion that when experienced, can have severe physical reactions as our adrenaline increases and prepares us for ‘fight or flight’, and when ‘fight’ is the unconscious or conscious decision made, we respond in threatening or aggressive ways. 

We can become tense and the ‘red mist’ appears, hijacking our brain and allowing us to react in a way that we probably wouldn’t if we had been able to remain rational about the situation. 

After an angry outburst, we may then be left with feelings of shame and guilt due to our actions. This highly critical self-talk can become loud and have a much more negative impact on our overall sense of self and our sense of self worth.


However, when anger and angry outbursts are having such a significant impact on your present life, it may be down to it being the secondary emotion that is covering up a deeper fear or sadness. For example, if you already question whether you are ‘good enough’ and then someone disrespects you, your reaction may be that of anger as an injustice has been done. Yet, the primary emotion that drives the anger may come from the sadness or fear that you believe you are not good enough. 

These deeper emotions will be rooted in a previous experience/s, and so when a current situation arises that triggers your anger, it can feel the same as it did the original time around.

How Plymouth Counselling Can Help Manage Anger

This is where counselling comes in as a productive and helpful way to combat your anger.

Identifying our triggers and the patterns around our angry outbursts and experiences allows us to understand where they stem from and therefore, deal with the original problem.

Having a safe and compassionate space to explore your triggers with a counsellor means that they can be understood and processed, therefore, becoming disconnected to your present self and your daily life. This can be done by being curious about your emotions together, practicing techniques to interrupt the ‘red mist’ when it appears, learning to forgive yourself for any behaviours you may hold shame and guilt over and allowing yourself the time to manage situations so that your stressors don’t build up as high and managing your anger becomes a more achievable task.

In our work together, the above will always take place in a way that you feel comfortable with. Expressing anger, shame and guilt can be difficult and even feel impossible, but you are not alone. You will be guided and supported on this journey to reach your goals feeling free of those angry ties and build trust in your own actions and reactions again.

Counselling will help you safely let go of the shame and guilt that may be holding you back.

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For the past 4 years, Sarah has been working at Plymouth Counselling helping people across Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and London to help release them from their anxieties, feelings of low self esteem, depression and life stresses. As individuals, we all have basic needs that need to be met to live a fulfilled life.

You have the resources to make change and live that life. I can help you find your resources and the strength to make the choices you want to be making.

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