About Me & How I Work

Sarah Avenell

Previous career and life experiences have allowed me to support many people through life’s difficulties. After spending 5 years working as an officer for the London Metropolitan Police and then a further 2 years in the NHS as a wellbeing coach, I understand the importance of offering compassion and care to all in a truly safe space.

Passionate about helping people to learn about their true selves and empowering them to take control of their own lives, I have worked with a diverse client base in both long-term and short-term work to support them on this journey.

This flexibility allows us to look at the whole of you and cover the numerous of the strength we all have within.

Qualifications & Counselling Experience

My Approach

I use a combined approach to psychotherapy in order to meet your needs. 

These may include; 

Psychodynamic models to explore formative experiences and how they influence unconscious patterns of behaviour in your life now 

Person Centred approach focusing on how you are feeling and your needs 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for when there is a wish to make changes to your patterns of thinking/behaviour. 

I also offer my expertise and skills in Health and Well-being Coaching using a humanistic approach to understanding what is important to you and understand the areas you are wanting to make change in.

This flexibility allows us to look at the whole of you and cover the numerous themes or issues that may arise. 

I have experience working with: depression, self harm, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, anger, stress management, emotional disregulation, all of which can be better understood and managed if you allow yourself the space and time to reflect and consider your own mental health in a kind and curious way.

We can often feel defined by our mental health and as though there is no way out, stuck by the negative spirals our thoughts turn into.

Counselling is a proven path to free us from these negative spirals and the rules we have unconsciously created for ourselves and remind us of the strength we all have within. Let me offer you a safe space to help find it.